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I write as a committed Latter-day Saint.

I’m on a faith journey, just like you are. Political division in the United States, the murder of George Floyd, and the COVID-19 pandemic created a perfect impetus for deconstructing and reconstructing faith. I write to crystallize my thoughts. Hopefully they mean something to you, like they do to me.

You might agree. Or not.

When Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon received the vision now recorded in D&C 76, it was because they were “meditating” on the topic. But I don’t think they were sitting next to each other quietly with their eyes closed; I think they were reading, discussing, and even debating when the vision opened to them.

These posts are my meditations on gospel topics that are important to me. They’re not here to provoke anyone, or start a fight; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I hope you disagree with me sometimes, and let me know, because productive discussion is part of meditating on the word.

Finally, these words are mine.

I don’t mean in a copyright sense, although that’s true as well. I mean that they don’t reflect the views of my employer or anybody else. I’m not an authority to speak for the Church or anyone else in it. I have my seat, back here in the overflow, and this is what I can see from here.

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